Danish Gambit Accepted

Dec 15, 2008, 1:00 AM |

My friend came over and told me that he had been practicing the Danish Gambit and had yet to lose with it. I asked him what was the Danish gambit and he replied it was a variant of the center game/accepted variation. I've never played that variation I'm a french defense guy. He said he'd have to play white in order for this to work and I agreed. He set up the board so the game started on move five black's move. I entered in the previous moves to show how the game would normally develop. We left the book after move 6.

The official most popular book opening of the Danish Gambit/Accepted is listed below followed by our actual game. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Center Game\Accepted\Danish Gambit\Accepted\Schlechter Defense

  1. e4             e5           
  2. d4             exd4         
  3. c3             dxc3         
  4. Bc4            cxb2         
  5. Bxb2           d5           
  6. Bxd5           Nf6          
  7. Bxf7+          Kxf7         
  8. Qxd8           Bb4+         
  9. Qd2            Bxd2+        
 10. Nxd2           Re8          
 11. Ngf3           Nc6          
 12. O-O            Bg4