NEW: Chess Informant 117 Jazz Edition

NEW: Chess Informant 117 Jazz Edition

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It's August and for most of us, a vacation time. Yep, I missed to inform you guys about Chess Informant 117 so let me do it now, in-between of some chess and family travellings.

Due to many (technical) reasons, the book (and CD) will mainly hit US market later than it should, but if you are eager to find it, you will do it at official site but also at some most active American stores.

I hope it is already known that Informant series has changed. We are saying dramatically and it is true. Now it is partly good old non-textual Informant annotations but the majority is in plain English. And by whom!

You may love or hate Garry Kasparov but no doubt, the 13the World Champion is the greatest chess authority of out time. Only in Chess Informant, he is presenting the column dedicated to some game from recent practice. That's why it is called "Garry's Choice". His annotations are magical and now under his scope there is the game from London Candidates Tournament, Svidler-Grischuk. When it is about Kasparov, it is never a game only. You can learn a lot (me too!) also by additional games that he is using to explain the opening and some interesting positions. It is an article but also a valuable lesson. 

Mihail Marin is a grandmaster but well-known chess author as well. His new column brings a story driven through several games that will contribute to everyone's understanding of Ruy Lopez. 

And now about NEW columns!

We are welcoming American IM John Bartholomew to our columnists team. John wanted to collect inspiring moments from US Championship that took place in St. Louis, and he did it in a great way. 

Along with John, new columns are signed by grandmasters Rafael Leitao, Sarunas Sulskis, Ivan Ivanisevic, Adrian Mikhalchisin...

Especially you might want to check the work by World Junior Champion Alexander Ipatov. The guy just won the tournament in South Africa. And Egyptian GM Bassem Amin who signed My Way column, the story about his great success at Reykjavik Open. In a meantime he became African Champion.

Lot of instructional materials for all the players who are looking to advance in chess.

We named Chess Informant 117 - a Jazz Edition. Don't ask way, it is just inspiration. A great summertime jazz chess orchestra!

Thank you for your attention!


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