Excerpt from My Book - How I Beat Your Friends at Chess


This is an excerpt from my book.  This is game 5 of 25.  Enjoy!

How I Beat Your Friends at Chess

Game 5
1.f4 – Attack the middle of the board Nc6
2.Nf3 - Develop knight/Take control of the middle Nf6
3.e3 - Protect f pawn and open up diagonal files for queen and white squared bishop d5
4.b3 - Preparing to fianchetto e6
5.Bb2 - Fianchetto the bishop – It now controls the long diagonal all the way across the board Be7
6.Bd3 – Develop bishop/Open up castling option Bd7
7.O-O – King safety – Early castle Bd6
8.a3 – Keep opponent from moving the knight on c6 to b4 Qe7
9.Nc3 – Develop piece. I want to move it to b5 next if possible. O-O-O
10.Nb5 – Continue with plan. From here I can trade my knight for the black squared bishop Na5
11.Nxd6+ - Trade pieces – Remove one of the black king's defenders Qxd6
12.b4 – Attack knight Nc6
13.c4 – Pawn storm/Trying to open up lines to enemy king dxc4
14.Bxc4 – Take pawn and get bishop out of danger Nxb4 – Interesting sacrifice
15.axb4 – Take the knight/Go up material Qxb4 – Opponent probably thought he would be able to win one of my bishops, but I have a couple of ways to get out of trouble. - I could move queen to b3 to protect both bishops, or I could take knight on f6 or I could do what I did.
16.Rxa7! - Take a pawn but more importantly, I am threatening checkmate. Qxb2 – My opponent missed my threat
17.Ra8# - Good game. It was an equal game until my opponent tried a sacrifice that did not work. Then I threatened mate which my opponent did not see.