Chess For Pandas | Chapter 4 | Chess Fiction
What if Pandas played chess?

Chess For Pandas | Chapter 4 | Chess Fiction

FM Geborgenheit

Hello & Namaste! If you missed the first three parts of this ongoing chess fiction series, you can read it here:

Chapter 4 

Panda Yin closed the book and opened it again to see if there is a new message. 

Nothing! Nothing at all. No seagull, no Master Zee. With no further instruction, Panda Yin decided to return home. On his return, Panda shared his experiences with his family and they were thrilled. 

The news also reached the ears of King Zingado. 

"So, Panda Yin seems to have received help from divine energies.  We cannot take him for granted." said King Zingado

"According to my sources, he has still not learnt the basics. He only knows the names of the squares and that's about it.  Relax, king. Relax!" 

"Well, keep an eye. You never know. Keep an eye on him and keep me updated" said King Zingado and dispersed. 

Eldest Panda - Jiji instructed Panda Yin to fetch water from the river by following a stipulated path with a condition that he can only take one step at a time and he can jump only from his starting position. In addition to this, he was asked to collect the flowers lying diagonally to his position on the ground.

"What kind of work is this? When I can get water in a short time, why are you deliberately slowing me down?"  asked Panda Yin.

"This is how chess was taught to me, Panda Yin. You are going to follow my instructions until you get the next message from Master Zee. His silence means you are supposed to use your resources to learn. At this moment, I am your resource, you get that?" 

"Yes, Jiji. I will do as you say, then." said Panda Yin and began his task. 

One. Two. Three. Four. Right leg, then the left leg. Right leg, then the left leg. 

It took more than an hour for Panda Yin to complete the task.

"There you go, you have just learnt the way of a pawn. Except on its first move, a pawn may only move one square forward at a time. Pawns can never move backwards. ... Although a pawn moves straight forward, it captures by talking one square diagonally forward." said Jiji.

"Oh, the flowers meant captures?"

"Indeed, you are smart Panda Yin"

For the next one week, Panda Yin trained on the same path and started living life - one moment at a time. He started paying special attention to his meals with family.  

"It is amazing how much I am learning with the help of a pawn. To live every moment, one at a time. Not have regrets about the past and limitations" Panda Yin thought to himself. 

"Panda Yin, it is time to test your visualization skills. I will announce the squares and you will tell me whether the square is light or dark. Understood?" asked Panda Jiji 

"Understood, Jiji. I'm ready"

a4 - Light
b1 - Light
g7 - Dark
h4 - Dark
a2 - Light
f6 - Dark
b4 - Dark
d5 - Light

"Good job, Yin. The board is installed in your mind. You may now have your momos!" said Jiji and the two proceeded to have dinner. 


*I use this training method with my students to train their ability to visualize the board. 

To the readers:  Throw me a few random words and I will try to use them in the next chapter :-) 

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