May 26, 2008, 7:43 PM |

Today, Evil-Monkey loved mie muffin blood so he's wondering if I'm doing anything for muffins (or monkeys) on memorial day.

But it's true! I had lots o deliveries goin on! Also, some weird monkey sneaked in mie bakery this morning and wanted to learn to bake muffins =)

So i said, ha ha mister monkey u wanted to make muffins?

The monkey nodded, and he bathed in mie muffin sink and played with mie oven!


For some weird reason, he just took off in the skie with mie muffin helicopter for like an hour or so, and he just returned the copter to mie bakery! he was able to flie it on his own but almost damaged it. Luckily, it wasn't so bad, so i fixed it well.

So yes, I'm actually HAPPY ther's a monkey in mie bakery, and im glad he's there to help me while harry's gone (maybe he'd sleep with me tonight, or maybe he'd cudle harry's shoulders when he gets back or something!)