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My 3rd Tournament Game: A Hard Fought Loss (London System vs. late Bf5)

My 3rd Tournament Game: A Hard Fought Loss (London System vs. late Bf5)

Oct 30, 2017, 3:51 PM 0

I've written about my first two OTB tournament games at the XI Obert Vila de Gracia here and here. In the fourth round I drew White against Onno van Heulen, Catalan ELO: 2111, Fide 1934. 

I played the London system, he played 5...Bf5 and we played a very long and interesting game where I had to make lots of difficult decisions to keep the initiative. After a mistake and a (perceived - see below) blunder, it ended up being a hard fought loss. 

I give a few positions from the game as puzzles first (here they're mostly positional, requiring you to come up with the best plan).

First puzzle: Move 10

Second Puzzle: Move 18

Third Puzzle: Move 24 

Here, finally, is the whole game as it was played:

Main lessons:

- If you know the theory line in the opening, just play it (6. Qb3)

- Don't fear retreating moves (18. Nf3)

- Don't get into TIME TROUBLE!

- Don't EVER get seduced by your plan - always also consider your opponent's replies! (Seems like the easiest mistake to make, for me) (23. Qb3)

- After a perceived blunder, calm down and see if you can still carry out your original plan.




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