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Sicilian - harder to find the best moves for black?
The Sicillian - easier for white?

Sicilian - harder to find the best moves for black?

Jan 12, 2018, 3:22 AM 0

 I stopped playing the Sicilian for black a few years ago now. I got absolutely crushed on one occasion because white's attack crashed through much faster than my own attempt at an attack and never looked back. This is the crux of the problem for me; the relative rate of attack speeds, in my experience as an average strength club player, seems to be tipped in favour of white. This is not to say the position is not objectively equal, that is almost certainly true, it means that it is objectively harder for black to find the best moves and when he doesn't, the situation can turn nasty quickly. I have an example below to illustrate my point, with a puzzle to show the game's conclusion.




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