Back From The DEAD!!

GM KaydenTroff
My first (GM) teacher, Igor Vasilyevich Ivanov, is back from the dead!!!????

Yea... ummm... strange? I agree!!  But let me start at the beginning. We met Igor Ivanov back in 2004 when I was 6 years old. Igor was the only grandmaster who lived in Utah. We (my dad, two brothers, and I) went down to St. George for a week of chess instruction from Igor. We got to stay in his house for the whole week. None of us had chess ratings which may seem kind of funny that we would go take lessons from a Grandmaster. I don't remember a lot from that week, but I do remember him playing us blindfolded. My dad says Igor would set up chess problems and we would try to see who could solve them first.  I guess I was pretty good at it. After that, Igor started teaching us every time he came to Salt Lake which was about once a month. I remember one time that he came up and we were eating sandwiches at our house and he put a whole ton of mayonaisse on his sandwich (which didn't have a top) and then asked for the recipe. HE LOVED MAYONAISSE!! He thought it was one of the best things he ever tasted. Igor had defected from Russia and he had lots of great stories to tell about that including when he first came to Canada and ate cat food thinking it was really good and didn't know what it was. I learned some really important things from Igor. One of the best things he taught me is that the real work begins when you hit 1700. Boy was he right!! 

Igor died of cancer in the fall of 2005. He is definitely someone who I wish was still here today. On the other hand...

I was playing on ICC a few nights ago and I started to get higher on my blitz rating (close to 2600--I got 1 point away). My dad likes to compare who I am higher than. He wanted to find out if I was higher than my first GM teacher, Igor Ivanov. He looked it up and he told me that I was getting close to passing him (about 70 points away). So after I finished with my games I looked it up, and I noticed something.  

It said: Information about IgorIvanov(GM) (Last disconnected Thu Feb 28 2008 10:09). I am thinking...what!? He died in 2005?? What is going on? I even looked at his history, and right there in his history is what I like to call: THE GHOST GAME (this game will be featured at the bottom). All the other games that were on there were from 2005.  But there was this one game from 2008 on his history. He won the game too! Knowing how much Igor loved chess, it wouldn't surprise me to find out he came back for one last game Smile