Checking in From Greece

GM KaydenTroff
Oct 25, 2010, 11:56 AM |

Hello from Greece!!

We are now on day six of the tournament.  Today was our rest day.  My dad got here yesterday and today my mom, dad, grandparents, and I all went into Thessaloniki for some touring.  We got to see some REALLY old walls from the Acropolis!  That was pretty cool and a lot of old buildings and churches plus a lot of statues.  One, I have to say, had really scary eyes.  We named him, King Evil the First.

Thessaloniki is a really interesting place.  They have over 1 1/2 million people living there and the roads are really small.  We decided it was like playing Frogger everytime we crossed the street and even sometimes on the sidewalks.  There are lots of people on scooters and motorcyles that come right up on the sidewalk if the street is too crowded.  I think I like living in Utah.

The tournament is going great!  Right now I have 5.5/6 and I am tied for first place.  Tomorrow I play the number one seed on board one.  I am feeling pretty good about it and have a great coach here and back home getting me ready.  My mom promised to jump in the freezing cold pool with me if I win!!  Get the video camera ready!!!!

The coolest thing of all is to be here with so many people from other countries!  Every where you go people are speaking different languages.  That is really amazing!! The hotel is pretty good though I would question their definition of 5 star.  The food has been interesting.  Some things I really like and some things not so much, but it is all a great experience!!