My Debut in Online Chess


GM Alexander Grischuk was once asked ( "Alexander, how do you feel about correspondence chess? Do you use correspondence game databases?"

His answer was: "I’ve got a database, but the given type of chess really seems to me to be the most moronic of all."

Well, quite recently my opinion was nearly the same. Sadly, my blitz performance over the last three months was really terrible, at some point my rating dropped 259 points and was as low as 1880. I made a desperate attempt to restore these losses. The next blitz game features the typical mistakes made by both players.

The game went on, and reached the following position:

Still, after 32 moves the position was equal:

After this game I managed to win another 15 games in a row, but the quality of these games was generally even lower. So, maybe online chess is better suited for such tired old men like me?!

I have already played one online game, it had highly unortodox opening, 1.b3 d5 2.Bb2 c5 3.Nf3 f6 4.h4N (I played with black). I'm going to comment it in the next article.