About Chess

About Chess

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I have to write! Write whatever is in the head because otherwise this head will be full of numbers and words. Sharing a white paper is one way to reduce the content in this head, in addition to having a dialogue with anyone. But writing is also a dialogue, a one -way dialogue with oneself. The paper does not argue and argue. Willing to be written anything, suffering, pleasure, quarrels, memories, love, unity, clashes, and everything.

In my mind now and lately always comes to mind chess, which for me is a game, sport, science and art. Game, because it is a means of play. Sports, because it is competed in sports events at the local, regional and international levels. Science, because it can be explained about something. Learned by many people. And art, because there is beauty in the chess pieces themselves and there are beautiful games in chess.

Chess artists will create amazingly beautiful steps to achieve victory, not just looking for victory merely, in a way that excels in goods and quality. While chess artists, the focus is only chess tok. Only can and want to discover the beauty of art in the steps of chess. Chess  artists focus not only on chess but also on art and literature. Chess artists are more monotonous and less creative compared to chess artists.

Chess artists already have an artistic soul before knowing chess, while chess artists have an artistic soul after knowing chess. I myself am still confused which one belongs.

Chess, square board, there are 64 squares, 32 black, 32 more white. The game of chess (“organized way”) requires organized planning, how to do the opening, midfield, attack, defense, and final game. Indeed, something that is not organized is not beautiful, not good and not true. Chess is beautiful, starting from its 64th squares, 16 pawns, 4 knights, 4 bishops, 4 rooks, 2 queens and 2 kings. All chess pieces have their own rules and obey those rules. Similarly, human beings living in this world have rules that must be followed together.

Chess teaches us to make steps that always give benefits, work together in achieving goals, the importance of strategic positioning, the importance of protecting, sacrifice, speed of movement, tempo setting, building strength and organizing attacks.