Checkmate ...  a chess poem

Checkmate ... a chess poem

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On a checkered board
lined up Pawns occupy
their respective positions

The brain is asked to think hard
anticipation before being attacked
Strengthen your defenses

Monitor the state of control
Trying to see every gap of opportunity
Strategy confrontation let the opponent fall

The pawns change positions
the pawns kept on attacking
as strong as he can survive

In fact, the pawn doesn't care about himself
being sacrificed by superiors
for queens, knights, and even bishops

There are various ways to do it
to save the King on his throne
make a calf fence around it

Because the King's position is threatened
The king was chased and attacked
opponents continue to rush in

The pawns fell one by one
unable to balance and defense
enemy continues to attacks to the end

The king fell, CHECKMATE!!!