Interpretation of Crow and The Fox By Aesop Tale in Chess Board

Interpretation of Crow and The Fox By Aesop Tale in Chess Board

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In the story of "Aesop's Fables", the wise fox can always defeat the opponent, and the story of the crow and the fox is one of them. This situation sometimes reappears in one way or another in chess. This is a game played by two Dutch chess players in Leiden in 1912. One is Van der Hoeven and the other is Van Ha Aster. From the game to the 24th round, the situation is as follows:

Under normal circumstances, White should be able to win this game! White can now take the black car and call the general, and has a good situation. However, it will take some time for white to win, and the power of black bishops cannot be underestimated. Van der Hewen wanted to win this game as soon as possible, he found a clever way 25. b6! 

Threat to move 26.Nf7 in the next move, checkmate! If black moves 25...Rf8 and uses a rook to guard the f7 square, then white can move 26.Qxd6, threatening to capture the black rook and call the general again. Therefore, black moves out naturally: 25...Rg7!?

Now, if white moves 26.Qxd6, at least it cannot attack the black rook at the same time. But the clever fox saw the opportunity, and jumped up and rushed over: 26.Qg8-General!!! RxQ 27.Nf7-General!!

The fox was obviously very satisfied that he had eaten the meat in his mouth so easily.