Attacking patterns (3) - The king in the middle

Attacking patterns (3) - The king in the middle

Feb 28, 2016, 11:40 AM |

A successful attack needs the opponents mistakes. When visiting the chess kindergarden we all learn first

  1. to move only two pawns in the opening,
  2. to develop the pieces instead of attacking with the queen,
  3. to secure the king with castling,
  4. to look for the center.

There are masses of games played were these principles are violated. The old masters, especially Paul Morphy, told us with examples how to punish those violations. The basic idea is

  1. open lines and diagonals to attack the king in the middle.
  2. If the queen is out the minor pieces and rooks become hunters of her female majesty.

My comments to the following game are very short. Like how white starts moving around with the queen and doesn't develop his bishop f1. The king is stuck in the middle and their royal majesties are both goal of the attacks.

To be honest the black sacrifice on b4 was forced by white. Alternative moves are only given, when black could have played better.