Attacking patterns (4) - Reprise of Blog Entry 2

Attacking patterns (4) - Reprise of Blog Entry 2

Mar 7, 2016, 8:34 AM |

In the 2nd entry of the blog I wrote about a certain mistake in the opening, mostly done by White.

Before showing the position this is about I will introduce Vladimir Afromeev to you. He is a special player, which you will see when looking at his games in the database. And he is special with his rating of 2600+ and being only Fide Master, the only one belonging to the top 100 of the world.

This wikipedia entry shows the controversy around him.

What led me to this player? In Megabase2016 he's the only strongly rated player with six games in this position:


Being neither detective, judge, priest, I'm concentrating here on the chess content. Even if it gives further food to doubts about the seriousness of Afromeev's rating it stays interesting.

Here one of those six games with week opposition from white:

O.K. - It looks too simple, with too less resistance of white. There are games by other players in the db with the line till 7.Ng5+ and the results are good for black. So why post this game with a dubious source when it's up to the players? It's the simplicity of the attacking pattern shown:

  1. Get a strong center.
  2. Get your heavy piece ready to attack on the f-file if it's half open.
  3. Convert the advantage by pressure on the king, here via the better ending.

The second reason to show it, is a comparison with a 5-min-game played here:

White again was cooperating, black was far from finding always the best move. But this was a real game here played on a level over average for

So if you are a beginner, try Nxe4 to follow this plan in case you get the opportunity.