Blogs to read here - Jeremy Silman

Blogs to read here - Jeremy Silman

Jun 6, 2016, 3:03 AM |

You might discuss if my #1 G. Serper and my #3 IM J. Silman are blogs or paid articles. So my #3 is clear:

To be honest, I'm not a Silman fan from his books. As a trainer for children mostly at the level below 800 and some exceptions till 1200 I check material automatically if it is useful for this group. This is not the case imo. So why giving him the high rank?

  1. If you read his articles you feel the IM who became an experienced trainer for midlevel club players. He surely knows a lot about the problems of players between 1200 till 1800.
  2. He is very concrete in his examples and remarks. As my trainer told me at the beginning again and again: "Chess is a very concrete game." So taking training material from his articles and solving the presented positons first and reading Mr. Silman's comments then with care will be a very good training session if you are a player in this range and like to work over this material.
  3. His sense for irony and aggressive humor is something I like. When I was 15/16yo I read a great book "Salcia Landmann - Der j├╝dische Witz". Having bought it as a collection of good jokes it proved to be an excellent collection of jokes and a wise book about the Austrian-Hungarian jewish culture, which is an admirable source of the midle- and east-european culture, something the learning chess player will be confronted with when reading Tarrasch, Nimzowitsch, Lasker, Kmoch, Marco and about Steinitz, Rubinstein .... I have to stop here.

Why only #3 then? Silman's ideas about learning endgames acccording to the playing level have a true kernel but are several times not really fitting to my experience. Maybe that's why I love endings. His ideas about unbalancing positions are found in the classics in a way I prefer. You will learn a lot, if you compare the articles of G. Serper with those of J. Silman and probably you'll see the difference between the IM and the GM.

Don't misunderstand! J. Silman is a great teacher and a good writer imo. Else I had finished my list with Batgirl.

For now my project of recommending blogs is closed. Three is enough and if you want to spend more time you will find interesting stuff. I recommend to look for titled players from IM up, even if there are some more to look at. This holds for my blog too. "Real chess understanding" starts probably at FM-level, maybe later. For systematic learning books and maybe Videos mostly from titled players are better.