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Pawn endings (1) - Some remarks about lost points, even by a GM

Pawn endings (1) - Some remarks about lost points, even by a GM

Apr 16, 2016, 5:52 PM 0

Pawn endings were something I learned by heart out of my first chess book. Probably the reason was that I had the idea I could get them really. So I went over them again and again at the age of 7-9 and later I did repeat them in several books.

There was a big advantage and a big disadvantage connected with this knowledge. In my youth I won many games entering the endgame. This lead me to avoiding complicated middlegames. A trainer could have helped me.

Now I observe that clearly stronger players mistreat pawn endings. And I have to admit, I do it too, especially if the thinking time is short. A second observation is the faulty entry into simply lost pawn endings.

In the following short series I give three examples. In the first a GM didn't obviously see the use of a spare tempo he had, so losing a 3-minutes-game. The respect against a player reaching this title leads to my conclusion not to tell his name. 3-minute-games are only for fun.

The next two endings are in the pipeline. I hope you will like them.

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