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What is development? - Traxler or Wilkes Barre

What is development? - Traxler or Wilkes Barre

Mar 20, 2016, 12:31 PM 0

The Two-Knights-Game is one of the good openings avoiding the classical Italian Opening. Now some white players like the knight attack 4.Nf3-g5. The sharpest reply is now Bf8-c5. First I learned this is the Traxler Attack, later I learned the English name Wilkes Barre, all three players using this move.

The great player and chess teacher Siegbert Tarrasch called 4.Nf3-g5 a "Patzerzug", which must not be translated. 4... Bf8-c5 offers the pawn f7 and the double attack against the queen and the rook a8. When seeing this the first time I couldn't believe it. Black should be able to give up a rook???

In days without engine it was often used in correspondence chess by post on all levels. I don't know today's state of the art. But the games here will bring me back up to date, as I like to look again into the databases and books to detect the combinational and positional aspects of it.

There are many short games with a mate with this starting moves. Here's one which is so short that it is surely a doublette if you search a big database.

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