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      We've just witnessed an absolutely incredible victory by Magnus Carlsen over Teimour Radjabov after 7 hours play and with the victory he and Vladimir Kramnik will be tied going into the last round. If Magnus achieves the same result as Vlad tomorr... | Read More

    • The Candidates..."woahh, we're half way there"

      So we have reached the half way point and the two big favourites, Aronian and Carlsen, are still out in front with an impressive 5/7, a full 1.5 points ahead of their nearest rivals (Svidler & Kramnik). However as we saw yesterday the winner ... | Read More

    • The Candidates so far...

      4 rounds down. 2 men in front. 10 games to go. One thing's for sure - there has been some extraordinary chess played so far and let's hope it continues for the remaining games. Carlsen and Aronian, the bookies' favourites to win this event, have ... | Read More

    • Candidates, Candidates, Candidates

      In just over 2 hours time (2pm UTC) I will be commentating live at the most eagerly awaited event of the year - The Candidates, a 14 double round robin which will decide who will take on Vishy Anand for the World Chess Championship later this year... | Read More

    • Jersey Masters!

      So here I am, sat in the lobby of Hotel Ambassadeur, and not on the plane back to London, preparing myself for an important 5-a-side football match this evening. No I didn’t have a debaucherous night and find myself face down in some ditch in St... | Read More

    • My First Blog!

      Friends, brothers, comrades - well at least this is how the late (and great) Christopher Hitchens would typically begin one of his hypnotizing monologues. I, however, not only lack the oratory genius of the aforesaid, but feel compelled to stay tr... | Read More