Callaham's Philidor in Reverse Expert/Master Class

This game is against a USCF expert.  Against the fianchetto systems, the running h pawn presents an ongoing hazard.  This game is against James Gill from the 2010 VA State Championship.  His rating is 2005.

This next game is the best result with the Callaham Philidor in reverse.  A draw against Yuri Barnakov.  His rating high is 2300+

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    I thought that opening was called "The Lion". Wasn't there a book on it a few years ago?

    6...b5, taking aim at c3 is probably better for playing some offense.

    8...d5 ?! I'd guess Black needs ...h6, ...Be6 and other piece developments. After all, there are no open lines to Ke8, so why do anything with it yet.

    10. h4 !? I've never seen that before.

    Did you consider 13. Nxh7 Kxh7 14. hxg6+ to draw out the Black king?


    Great stuff, though I don't care for that opening. He was playing to "control squares" and you simply opened the h-file, then moved your pieces into attacking positions. He then wasn't able to guard everything and "melted down". Very nice.



    13. g4 Really? Steinitz might like it, but is this the kind of thing required to play this opening?

    15. g5 is worth looking at, despite pawn h3 being en prise.

    Why 21. Ra3 instead of 21. Rab1 ????

    Yikes, you really got cramped. Ra3 is horrible after Qc2. Even if b5, hitting Qc6, Ra2 it's terrible.

    Wow, you created some offense. That's amazing. If you'd play an opening with a tiny bit more space you would be able to do that more quickly.

    Nifty perpetual. Those aren't so easy to set up. You were very lucky and imaginative to do that.


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