MATE IN 14!!! otb game

Jul 31, 2013, 1:05 PM |
Back home, as always when i have some time i analyze some games i played in my chess club, so i'd like to share with you a game i was playing white side and managed to get a draw at the end of it.
I will go through my game till move 18 (the key point),obviously in the diagram which will follow, the move 19 and the sequence of moves that comes after is a pure engin analyzes, and i found it quite interesting and shocking the numbers of variations that could lead to mate after 19.Rg6+!!.(Wich i obviously didn't findFrown)
yes it's mate in 14!! unavoidable no matter how u slice it.
this game taught me the importance of not being greedy Wink, and the weakness of an open king.
Once you make the wrong move you can't run away with it, you have to suffer the circumstances, even if it's FOURTEEN moves later Sealed