How to go from 700 to 1400 uscf classic rating in 3 months. Part 1

Jul 10, 2017, 2:38 PM |

Hi my name is ----- ,I live in the usa so i mainly have a USCF Rating (united states chess federation)

. The best ways are to tip 1

1.SOLVE Puzzles every day

Why:why you need to solve puzzles is that so you can find out why your opponent did that or if he's trying to trick you and if in time pressure think fassssstttt (also in blitz ) 

How Many?: I recommend starting easy with 25 a day then after like 1 1/2 reeks try 50 .

Shold i solve on a book or online ??: BOOK ,Definatly because most writers put it in order,online the computer or website gives you randoms.


WHICH BOOKS?: Laszlo Polgar Tactic book (i forgot name) 


These are my first tips come back for Part 2 for 2nd tip 

and if you have any questions post all  comments or my profile ,THX!!!


thanks for reading