I'm In!!! (Assistant Instructor at Chess.com University Online Chess Camp)

I'm In!!! (Assistant Instructor at Chess.com University Online Chess Camp)

FM MattyDPerrine
Jun 2, 2014, 1:45 PM |

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know the good news that I received recently! In the past I had approached Kairav Joshi, the president of Chess.com University and camp organizer of Chess.com University's 1st Online Chess Camp running from July 7-11, 2014, and offered to help him any way that I could with the camp. After a few messages back and forth, he gave me the green light and let me know that I would be accepted on the team working together to make this the best chess camp you've ever seen! Laughing

I get to work alongside many talented chess coaches and instructors at this camp and learn from them at the same time. This will help me to be an even better coach at my own coaching website NextLevelChessCoaching.com. The list of instructors includes super-GM Boris Gelfand who just a few years ago played for the 2012 World Championship. I am extremely happy to be able to help with a camp that is featuring such a prestigious name in the chess world! Other instructors that will be teaching at the camp include GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (Two-Time U.S. National Champion), GM Valeriy Aveskulov (2007 Ukrainian National Champion), IM Valeri Lilov (Renowned Coach and Lecturer on Chess.com), GM Levan Aroshidze (1995 World Under-10 Champion), NM Dane Mattson and myself FM Dalton Perrine.

I will be working as an "Assistant Instructor" for the camp which means that I will be teaching live game analysis sessions that all students will be a part of. Each student will get to see one of his/her games analyzed live and I will also be answering questions and working with these students to help improve their overall chess game. I am very excited about this opportunity! I also hope that the camp will get a lot of exposure so that we are able to help as many players as possible to raise the level of their game and become even stronger, higher rated players.

At the camp each student will receive ~15 hours of live instruction which includes lectures and game analysis sessions from this terrific list of top chess instructors. All of these lectures and game analysis sessions will also be video recorded and sent to the students so that they can review the information any time that they would like. Students will also have the chance to play in at least one GM simul. This is your opportunity to play a Grandmaster and have stories to tell your friends and kids in the future! How many people can say that they played against a GM?? There will also be an online blitz tournament and a regular tournament as well as side events such as puzzle-solving sessions and trivia with prizes. All of this for the very reasonable price of $275 if you register by June 8th. It will be $300 if you register after that date.

You may be wondering "What are the advantages of an online chess camp?" Well, this is a very big difference between in-person chess camps and this online chess camp. First of all, online chess camps are very cost-effective because you are not required to have any kind of traveling or lodging expenses. No flights or hotel rooms. You get to experience this online camp from the comfort of your own home! Second, you will be receiving video recording of all live lectures. This allows you to review the lectures whenever you want to and also lets you miss a lecture if you need to, because you will receive the video recording anyways. Finally, the camp is focused on chess instruction, not on "free-play". This means that by the end of the camp you WILL have learned a ton more information than you came into the camp knowing!

For more information about the specifics of the camp, click on this link:
More Information about Chess.com University's 1st Online Chess Camp (Featuring Super-GM Boris Gelfand!)

This camp is going to be very informational and well worth it for anyone looking to strengthen their chess game. I would recommend every member of Chess.com to look into the camp and see if you're able to take part in it! I know that personally, I am extremely excited about getting to work with an all-star group of chess instructors that will help me to increase my skill as well.

In conclusion, all I can say is: Sign up for the camp. You won't regret it! Cool