NSW Rapid Results


hey, yesterday I played in the NSW Rapid Play and was pretty happy with the way I played. I finished with 3.5/ 7 including 1 point for the bye.

 I had the bye in the first round, so took the early lead..lol

I would have much rather just played straight away.

In the next game I played the person who finished 2nd. It was a close game I was one or two pawns down on the kingside after I think I castled queenside. In a fairly even game I made a 'mistake' at the end and he put me in check with his rook while at the same time attacking my rook. Thus I had to take his rook and this lead to him queening a pawn.

In the next game I was 7 minutes late because I was having lunch. So in a game where there is 20min plus 10 sec per move I had just over 13 minutes left when I got to my game. The fact I was down on time didn't really matter that much eventually we both had the same amount of time left at the endgame. In this game it was fairly even again although towards the end of the middlegame I lost  two pawns on the far queenside and despite all attempts I was unable to stop them advancing.

 In the next game I won a knight for free early in the game but it remained close and hard fought but I eventually won though forcing the exchange of pieces.

 In the fifth round the game started very interestingly, we played 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. ..?.. Bc5 then he played 4. Nxe5 I thought about it and couldn't see y he played this..so I took the knight back 4... Nxe5 and then he played the obvious pawn fork 5. d4 ...in response I played 5. .... Nf3+ and he played 6. gxf3 and I retreated the knight. The game continued and was very close my king was under heavy attack and I was probably slightly worse than his and down a pawn. I then moved my queen attacking his...he missed this and I took his queen for free...he then resigned.

 In the sixth round I played a interesting game. I opponent was playing extremeply quick. He still had 20min on his clock when I was down to 14min. I won a bishop early after he touched his knight and therefore had to move it allowing me to take the unprotected bishop. He then after a few more moves one back the piece. Later I won another piece and was up a knight. However he was attacking my king with his queen and knight with his rooks also. I got into a terrible position where he was threatening checkmate and a knight fork on my king and queen. I thought about my move for 2-3min and then had no other choice but to scarifice my queen for his knight. After this he had a queen and a rook and I had two knight and a rook. He made a 'mistake' where he wanted me to take his rook for my two knights. But I moved my rook to attack his queen with his rook behind his queen. Meaning I would hav been able to take his rook for free and enter the endgame with a rook and two knights agaisnt his queen relatively even.!? However he took my rook with his queen and I retook with my knight. So he had a rook and two extra pawns agaisnt my knight. I traded pawns then he forced me to trade the rook for bishop and I was then unable to stop his pawn from queening.

In the last game my opponent playing white was 8 minutes late. It was a fairly even game both of us trading off pieces quickly. It ended in a draw.

It was a really good day. I had a great time. It was really draining concentrating for so long and I had a slight head ache at the end but I think I also hadn't ate or drunk enough. It would hav been good if there was more players but it was still good and I really enjoyed it. A good first tournament!