another form of cheating

Sep 11, 2011, 5:48 AM |

     I have a feeling I am being cheated on several accounts. Recently I was wrong about a cheater.  I was wrong because this person simply wasn't cheating but had made a move that made no sense and this person made all kinds of moves that made sense. Too many in fact. never seems to make a bad move game after game. So when they made a trade of a knight for a pawn I just snapped and finished that game not even trying to win at all. Instead i finished it just for the purpose of being a complete jerk to this non cheater because I won't snitch on one if I catch them red-handed, which I have already 12 times.

     This person made several phony remarks during our correspondance when playing. By phony I mean things were said that were quite the contrary to what was reality. They claimed they werent a good player while being at a 1400 clip and in the top 35% of this sites players. Thats a damned good player if you ask me. To be in the top 35% of the #1 rated chess site in the world is a very good player. There were other phony things said I wont get into.

      There , however, is another style of cheating or two if you ask me. I have noticed that there are players that play unrated games and constantly win. They have phenominal records. Many of these players are cheating but because they are masked behind the fact that none of their games include ratings it doesnt matter.

     There are people that have gotten to such a rating and then only play unrated games. This is condusive to playing in tournaments. They keep their rating low as it is because they just play unrated games until the tournament begins. Because the tournaments are usually rated.  After that the tournament is over, providing their rating went up, they lose a few just to bring it down and then begin to repeat the process of playing only unrated games until the next tournament. that is cheating if you ask me.

     Then there are people that know they are real good but lose all the time. Then you play them and they rip you apart like a grand master. Then right when they can go in for mate....they hit resign. That is cheating if you ask me. Even though I get the win I consider it cheating becauise I went into a game against a low rated player and played to my competition making moves withoput much forthought only to be playing some sort of super star dressed in 560 rated dress.

     Anytime I feel someone is less then honest I consider it cheating.  All of these examples are cheats if you ask me. I dont think someone should kep their rating down to ambush people in tourneys, i dont want wins i didnt earn because someone has chosen to be a sneaky good player that always resigns with the lead, i dont like the idea of playing a pc program so why would i want to because the game is unrated? its all deceptive and cheats you out of what you though was reality.

     these forms of cheaters have went undetected because they have also went unwarranted. the only type of cheaters they seem to be after are those that win in rated games or those that have two profiles.  why not repremand these phony and deceptive players as well? I have felt cheated everytime someone resigns to me with the victory...everytime. It inferiorates me bad. I often write these people saying "i seen you on here today playing unrated games as a 1800 rated player in an 1000rated player dress.".

     Just my opinion. Which really means nothing in the big picture. I just wanted to share.