Another Form of Cheating II

Sep 25, 2011, 5:28 PM |

I played two separate 500+ rated players in live games...obviously not good players, right....wrong!....when they were ready to check mate me they asked if i seen it in the in game soon as I acknowledged I seen it.....they wonder their ratings were so low, lol....I noticed they had similarities to their names...they each said the same funny line in our games. it went something like this, "your queen is drunk your rook is taking the wrong road again and your king is gay". lol....i sent them each emails, both emails were mirror images except the names were switched depending who it went to....despite me accusing them of being the same person in those email, neither of them replied....I then noticed they were usually on at precisely the same time....i knew that they were the same person, or at least had a strong suspicion....i then created a second profile to test my theory that they were the same and on at the same time...i then logged in player #2 after doing the confirmation through the email that the account was active....i then opened another tab on the same browser and logged into my Miami Sam account.... at the SAME TIME with the SAME BROWSER in SEPERATE TABS and switched BACK AND FORTH between the tabs and mock played one game for like 10 moves and a second game where i moved until abort wasn't an option, i think that is move #3 in white, and resigned to Miami Sam....both games were RATED games....i then deleted the player #2 profile knowing that it was all reality.
this type of strategy could be used in this manner....lets say DaMadCheta is a strong player...say he is a day he reads this blog entry, lol....starts a second profile....then immediately joins a tournament for 1200 rated players and under...then plays himself a few times before the tournament....his new profile could maybe win 14 straight games....beating great players, himself.... and wind up a 1700+ before his first tournament started....this type of cheating could be better done if DaMadCheta created multiple profiles....bringing them all up the his 1900+ the newer profiles have more and more 1900+ people it can win against....because they are all now he gets a profile in a 1400 and under rated players team the time the match starts he is a phenomenal 1800+....the opponent is like how the heck did this he does a quick look in.....he realizes the guy has won 14 straight and has just started on the he tells the cheat forum....they set out after the guy with an engine to detect consistent computer moves in his play....they wont find it because he will play separate the same time....flipping back and he isn't making pc generated moves at all....and the engines are rendered now you write the guys opponents he beat....and you ask him did he cheat against himself, lol.
it really all comes down to this chess site, the best chess site there is, is that lax is this area of security. that type of thing, 2 profiles on separate tabs, logged in and playing each other at the same time?, seriously happens. see if you can log into two profiles at the same time on facebook, twitter, any poker site, and about every major web site.