Blunderful Blunderology

Oct 11, 2011, 4:23 PM |

'Everyone blunders' is a normal saying in chess. I have to agree. I probably have more experience is all. I blunder every so many moves, which luckily for me, is less than one a game. I blunder quite often and most always lose the games that I do play blunderfully. When a player blunders their queen they are pretty much beat.

I hate it when I blunder but at the same time it can be quite exciting. you know what I mean. You have notice you blundered as you tapped 'submit'. Crap! Now you sit there hoping the opponent misses it. The whole time it takes them to move you sit their hoping and, possibly, talking out loud 'don't see it, don't see it'. Then the screen pops up and Poof! they seen it. Dag-gone it!

There are other times that you notice you have blundered. Now you have to do that intense wait and see game. Did they see your stupid move or not? You may chat with someone else in the room about it. Then! Bleep! Their move is in. you click fast because you cant wait to find out. Sure as crap he missed it. Now you holler aloud "Hell yeah!" in front of curious bystanders. Embarrassing!

How about the times where you, for whatever reason, you blunder two moves in a row? Now, I have away around this. I politely ask the other player if they would mind if I resign. Hoping for a yes. Because I really don't want to play this game anymore. You ever heard that saying 'it aint over til' its over' ? Well! Tt is over. The fat lady is bellowing 'turn out the lights', in rhythm, if you know what i mean.

Of course I love it when I get an early Christmas. the competition blunders and I catch it. That move happens so fast it's pathetic. They move then 3 seconds later they are seeing the 'my move' flashing in their browser. You caught it. You can't wait. See it and snatch it. Its like there is a clock in your mind telling you if you don't hurry you may forget, so hurry and snatch it in jubilation.

You ever submit a move and realize you blundered because you didn't catch their blunder? Yes! That's right! You notice, albeit too late, that you could have swallowed their queen with your pawn. The only reason you didn't catch it is because usually no one is that drunk to put their queen where a pawn could grab it. Basically, your nemesis across the world and the board from you, has blundered so badly that you didn't notice it because it was too damned obvious. And, of course, it's moved that next move, out of danger. And that other dude or dudette is hollering 'hell yeah' in front of curious bystanders.

have you ever noticed two moves down the road you had been blundering both moves? i have. i have seen stuff like a knight , coming out of a fray of pieces, with the ability to put me in check, and then steal my queen. then you think, and you realize that you hadnt moved your king or queen in a few moves and remember they have had that knight sitting there for two moves. that means you left your queen exposed two moves in a row and the opponent never snapped. whew! i better correct that you think to yourself.

I told you I had experience. They call me Mr. Blunderful