Just A Game?

Nov 12, 2011, 9:27 AM |

     Are you one of those players that says 'it's just a game'?  If you are, I have to agree with the fact, it's a game.  But, I beg to differ, with the 'just' part, of that statement.  If it were just a game, then why is there multiple world wide sites featuring this game? Why is there World Championships? Why are there legends of the game, if it's 'just' a game?

     The truth of the matter is that the 'just' implies it is 'just another game'.  Just a game like Dominos, Monopoly, Scrabble, Tiddly Winks, Risk, Stratego, and many many more.  Each of those other games requires a degree of luck, even after you know the general idea, to win.  Doesn't matter how good you are if you roll bad, pick bad, or whatever, you will not win.  Monopoly always seems to come down to Boardwalk and Park Place, and whoever is fortunate enough to land there first.

     The most compared game to chess is checkers.  The comparison is drawn to the fact they are both played on the same board and there are pawns and kings involved.  Checkers just isn't as much strategy as chess, no way.  How can checkers be as strategic a game, using half the squares, having two different pieces, a pawn and king, and you can only get the king if that pawn makes it to the opponent sides' back line, and you have to jump a piece when available.

     Mostly every game requires luck to be on your side, take cards for instance, lots of luck.  I was playing windsurfer in a live game, I chatted my usual 'hi and good luck'.  windsurfer made a remark back to the effect that luck did'nt play a part in chess.  Only the skills , of the individual, will help a person win, windsurfer reiterated. I have to agree, as most will, that there isn't luck in chess. You win you lose, you blunder or don't blunder, simple.

     Chess is such a complex game that it requires certain mental attributes to play the game well.  Fact of the matter is you have to smarter to beat someone, unless they blunder.  The game consists of several segments of tactics, resulting in points or pieces up.  By tactics I really meant to say '...segments of outsmarting the other guy, resulting...'.  That is what the game really is, trick the other guy, and win.

     Chess, quite simply, is a true game of skills, and no luck.  For these reasons, it is not just another game.  It is the game to test your wits against the other person.  If you are smarter, you will be rated higher and play better, most generally.  I have decided that the people who say 'it's just a game', are copping out for the fact they know they just aren't as smart as the other guy or gal, just too ashamed to admit it, so, 'it's just a game', pops out in chat.  

----Just my opinion