Your Turn Door Knob

Oct 16, 2011, 2:06 PM |

This post is for all the one way pieces of crap that are in You folks know who you are, too. Don't you? You have an average move speed of what, maybe 12 days? There is no money being won. There is now super nationally known reward for being a 1600 rated player. It's your turn door knob.

You self centered folks join tournaments. Now the tournament begins and you make your first moves right away. Then make as few moves as you can per the time limit. The tournament goes to year two and not round tow. And the 1200 and under you entered now has half a dozen 1500+ rated players. People pass away of old age in the middle of these tournaments because you think nothing of the others involved. It's you turn door knob.

You same damned idiots accept personal challenges like everyone else. You make that first move real fast. Right way! After three or four days you have made maybe six to 10 moves. Then your opponent goes in and makes all his or her moves. After a few more days, maybe a week, the opponent scrolls down to the bottom of their games and realize you are on vacation. Goofballs! Why are you accepting challenges and then going right on vacation? What, you can't tell the opponent, before you take the challenge, that you are the schmuck like you already know you are. It's your turn door knob.

Oh! Here is a good example of a real rummy dummy. The person falls behind in your game with them. The better player is going to win. Rummy dummy knows this. Now this real one way individual only makes moves if they see you are not online. You aren't online to finish them right then. Why? This losing rummy dummy is hoping you don't come back on for three days. Now rummy dummy gets to win even though he or she doesn't deserve it. So now they have a way better rating than they should. ratings points is usually rummy dummies main goal. They don't lose points they gain them when the opponent loses on time, right. Maybe that's why they were getting beat to start with. Because the other person was rated the same and yet was clobbering our over-rated rummy dummy, easily. It's you turn door knob.

I will be doing more challenges and plan on tricking these one way empty cavity heads. I will send them challenges with one day move limit. I am hoping they don't notice. Because they will surely make two moves right away, as always. This way they can't abort. Now they take off for two days, because they are like that, and come back losers like they really are. But, then again, I will end up being rated higher than I play. Justn like these 'think only of themselves twits'. It's you turn door knob.