When engines do not work… (+ Video)
White to move. Can you believe this is a draw?

When engines do not work… (+ Video)

FM michechess89

Hello everyone. Some friends told me they enjoyed my post about fortresses, and asked me to do a new work about it. That’s why today I bring a couple of new examples and analysis about this interesting theme. I would like to make emphasis in the fact that engines have many problems to evaluate these positions I am bringing today (as in the ones from the previous post). I think they give too much importance to the material. It seems like fortresses is not where they shine. J

If you didn’t read my previous post, this is like my own definition about fortresses: It’s when a side is in obvious material disadvantage, but can find a position for his pieces where his opponent doesn’t have a way to make any real progress. It happens mostly in endgames, but it could also happen (rarely) in some middlegame.

Example 1

Example 2

You can find these and other fortresses explained in this video in my channel.

You are welcome to leave a comment with some other kind of fortresses.

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