Miniature #6:  Thirsting for Blood in the Scandi!
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Miniature #6: Thirsting for Blood in the Scandi!



In this 3/2 game on I play against my beloved Scandinavian Defense.  When I see this I immediately flashback to the horrors I have endured on the black side of this.  When black misplays just a little bit there are many, many devastating threats that seemingly appear out of nowhere.  If you know how to wield the white pieces properly, sometimes it is possible to murder your opponent in romantic style.  

In this miniature I bite my lip and sacrifice on the e6 square!  Is this sound?  Sometimes it is, but is it here?  What defensive resources would need to be considered before I play something like this in a real tournament game?  Well, the analysis is complicated and interesting.  So much so that I spend a full 30 minutes analyzing the potential lines and that's probably going lightly!  


Enjoy the game!



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