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Queen promotion mess under rapid/blitz rules

Queen promotion mess under rapid/blitz rules

Oct 31, 2016, 11:24 PM 0

So I am absolutely crushing a junior player with an extra rook and bishop and promotion is imminent. Most adults would have resigned. Not juniors. No way. They always hope to catch a lucky break against a rusty over-the-board candidate master.


Rushing and excited, I pushed my pawn to d8 and, like a blitz robot, I pressed my clock! This constituted an illegal move since I had completely forgotten to replace the pawn with a Queen!? Online software automatically promotes to Queen or prompts me. Not during league play.


The TD rushed over informing me that under rapid/blitz rules, one illegal move leads to forfeit. My outplayed junior, still dazed, of course decided to claim the forfeit win. The lost point cost us a 4-4 match draw. Lesson learned.


Learn from my mistake and promote properly.

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