Simple Courtesies

Simple Courtesies


I played 'over-the-board' the other day, for the first time in many years, at a local chess club I recently discovered.  Well!  What a refreshing difference to playing online games!

It took me a long time to get used to the ‘atmosphere’ of live chess people as opposed to the office chair and computer screen!

One of the most interesting things I noticed was the variety of personalities one faces across the table. Some were miserable looking, some were deadly earnest, some had ‘mannerisms’, some were pleasant, others were smiley and one or two even ‘giggly’ (probably due to nervousness?).

But one thing stood out with absolutely everybody, irrespective of whether they could speak your language, and that was the simple courtesies of saying ‘hi’ (in whatever language they could manage) and shake hands before the game. After the game there was ‘Thankyou’ and again the shake of the hands.

I know in online chess we can’t shake hands, but the other courtesies of ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’ are sorely missing in so many players.  Is it too much of an inconvenience for those people or what? 

If you enjoy the site then try thinking outside the box. I am a newly registered ‘greeter’ and I was so amazed at how many new registrations there are, a good many of them young folk.  To be pleasant online not only makes the game more enjoyable, but is also terrific advertising!  Just imagine how many people might close their account due to these simple shortcomings.

I believe it should be everybody’s responsibility to maintain simple courtesies, not just for the benefit of that game but also for the overall promotion of online chess.

Thank you J