5 important games of Me

5 important games of Me

GM TigerGenov
Sep 8, 2013, 10:19 PM |

  I have got some time to submit 5 of my games,Enjoy 


This is the game I played against GM Nigel Rodney Davis Who is refered as Nigel Davis ...

The sevond games is against GM Veselin Toplav One of the most strong player from Bulagaria

The Third game is aslo against GM Veselin Toplav But I played with white peices


This is the game Which I have won against GM Vesilin topalv who is no.1 in Bulgaria


 The next game is Vs GM Vasilios Kotronias


In this game I won


The next game is vs GM TOMAS ORAL


These are some of My games and I hope that I will sumbit more monthly in future

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