Tiger Genov Plays Blitz

Petar is a GM from Sofia,Bulgaria!One of the finest chess countries in the world which had Veselin Topolav as No.1 and He learnt chess when he was 8 from his father Who is unrated But he is strengthen about 2000 

    • Searching of some financial help for World chess championship in Durban SA 18-30.09.2014

      Our son Valentin Genov - Bulgarian chess champion for 2014 - will play World championship in Durban South Africa 18-30.09.2014.We need about 4000 USD and searching for some financial help,Paypal:petar_genov@yahoo.com | Read More

    • Blitz mania with GM Pacman

      Hello guys!GM Tiger Genov is back         In the last post I have posted a blog about my interview,Today I'm going to show you an instructive detailed analysis of my game vs GM Pacman For free analysis of your games, style of play and to ... | Read More

    • NImzo-Indian defence

      Today,I would like to share with you a lecture I prepared a New opening on Nimzo-Indian defence,some times Called as Nimzovitch defence.This hypermodern opening was developed by Grandmaster Aron Nimzowitsch who introduced it to master-level ... | Read More

    • GM Tiger Genov Interview and Game review

      When did you learn chess and who taught you?My father taught me when I was around 7-8 years old. When did you begin making legitimate progress in your game and How? After age 14 when I became Bulgarian champion for boys U-14, I was more motivate... | Read More

    • Tiger Genov plays Blitz

      Hello friends,       i've played some games in chess.com and enjoyed it.I played it online in Live chess.I have recorded it and Uploaded to help you with instructions Here is it :  I offer a number of online services here http://www.chess... | Read More

    • 5 important games of Me

        I have got some time to submit 5 of my games,Enjoy    This is the game I played against GM Nigel Rodney Davis Who is refered as Nigel Davis ... The sevond games is against GM Veselin Toplav One of the most strong player from Bulagaria T... | Read More

    • My Games

      Here I am going to submit some of my games against players which will create idea for playing games .one is for you                                                I am an coach for over 22 years and You can conta... | Read More

    • Articles to help You

       I have written three blogs on improving you to chess and In that 2 deals with Tactis and the other one with Positional play ..I hope all will enjoy http://www.chess.com/article/view/importance-pf-tactis http://www.chess.com/article/view/import... | Read More