Can I have some Fries with that?

Aug 21, 2013, 11:42 AM |






  More travails of a (wanna-be) improving chess player...

"Can I have some Fries with that?"
"Gee, that might have been another tasty Cheesburger!"

The title comes from what Gunners2004 has called a 'Cheeseburger', by which he means a game which looked tasty at the time (like a McDonalds cheeseburger) but when you look at it later on you realize that it was actually unsatifying and are left with feelings of disappointment.

We played a game last night (well, it was last night for me but it was early morning for him!).  Here is the game with some modest annotations.

I'm playing black and am already in serious trouble when Gunners unleashes a completely unexpected offer of a sacrifice with 16. Nc5

Take some time and analyze the position and decide what Black should do in the position.  I took some time. I took a LOT of time.  And I probably didn't find the best option.

Black has only two choices: (1) accept the sacrifice (and perhaps give the material back later), or (2) decline the sacrifice and save the bishop of b7.  I chose #2 because after 16. ... dxc5  17. bxc5 white gets connected passed pawns.  I tried to find other ways to take the knight but break up the pawns by giving material back.  What I missed was that the black bishop on b7 can enter the fray and at least cause white some problems. But the position is extremly sharp.

Black's best line was probably:
16. ... dxc5
17. bxc5  Nxd5
18. dxd5  Bxd5

where, it remarkably (and incorrectly) appears that Black comes out a pawn ahead.  But the fireworks aren't over because there are yet more tacticts to ensue:

19. Bxg6!  hxg6
20. Qxd5 
and white has adequate protection of his passed pawn, while black's a-pawn is weak.  White has a definite advantage, probably enough to call it winning.  But it would have been interesting!
So, I'm not sure (and Gunners, I'm talking to you!) I would label 16. Nc5 as a cheeseburger move.  But looking back at it, I shouldn't have been as worried of the sacrifice as I was. 
A very interesting game.  All my games against Gunners have been interesting and enjoyable.  As Dan says, "Isn't Chess fun?"