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    • My games against titled players at the 2015 Maryland Open

      So I played in the 2015 Maryland Open this last weekend and I had a mediocre tournament. I finished on 2.5/5 with 3 draws, 1 loss, and 1 win. In this blog I'll show you my round 2 game against GM Larry Kaufman and my round 5 game against FM Larry ... | Read More

    • 2014 Washington International Blitz

      The Washington International Blitz was lots of fun as are most other blitz tournaments. The nice thing about playing in this tournament is that you are almost bound to play against titled players. In rounds 1 and 2 I played against GM Chirila (258... | Read More

    • Best game ever played

      This was a game that I played on the Internet Chess Club against my friend Abhinay who is normally around 1900 strength: | Read More

    • How I beat a CM in 1-minute chess

      Remember that this game is 1 minute per side so please do not take this game too seriously | Read More

    • Arlington Action May 2014

      G/45 D/5 3.5/5 Rd. 1: Rd. 2: Rd. 3: Rd. 4: Rd. 5: | Read More

    • My last day of the Cherry Blossom Classic

      The Cherry Blossom was a great tournament in general. All of the playing conditions were great but the only problem I had was how poorly I was playing. In the first two days I scored a measly 1/4 (the one point coming from a full-point bye!) I was... | Read More

    • Best Tactics Problem?

      I was using tactics trainer today and I came across the following problem which had a rating of 2134 (my rating was 2115 at the time). The conclusion is truly beautiful. | Read More

    • A funny checkmate in a 1-minute ICC game

      This is a game that I played on the ICC today. Please excuse the poor quality of play as it was a 1-minute game. The checkmate at the end is quite amusing though. | Read More

    • 2014 Maryland Junior Open 3/4

      So, I tied for first place at the Maryland Junior Open with a score of 3/4. Some of my games are more interesting than others but what can you do. Rd 1. I played against Justin Hung who I have never played before but I was fairly confident that I... | Read More

    • 2014 MD HS Championships

      I just realized I didn't post my blog lol: Rd 1 Time control: 45/30 So far so good. Now I just need to keep it up Rd 2: I play against an opponent that I have played against many times now. I have only lost to her once when I was around 800 US... | Read More