Phantom Force Chess Set

If anyone reads this and actually enjoys playing chess then i recommend a chess set called the phantom force. it is computerized and moves it's own pieces. it uses a real board with real pieces. it has a bunch of features like 136 levels of play, auto setup, coaching, training, are you sure?, undo, timers, and more. if you don't feel like playing on the computer, or playing yourself, and don't have anyone to play in real life its great. there are some draw backs on making it perfect but it's the only board right now that moves it's own pieces that in mass produced. Some that i found are it moves kinda slow but now that slow, it's makes a little bit of noise but not loud loud, doesn'trecognized the pieces themselves but remembers where each one is where it's supposed to go, it can't move more then one piece at a time, and takes 6 c batteries if you don't use the ac adapter. Even so if you love to play chess it is a bit expensive but i found it for $129 i would recommend it to you.


  • 8 years ago


    it's great it just makes a bit of noise with the motor but i've never had complaits from family members.

  • 8 years ago


    Interesting.I have a chess set,but I like the sound of this one. :3

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