Grinding for the win... yet another KID pawn sac.

Mar 30, 2018, 2:13 AM |

I recent created a forum post for a pawn sac in opposite side castle of the KID. This time around, I made another pawn sac in king side castle format. The KID is characterized by this onslaught of king side pawn storm from Black, while White is trying to create a counter play in the queenside.

King's Indian Defense, Classical System. This position is played my many masters I guess. database shows only 272 games. The first on record is in 1992 and I will be biased with the Black side here as the I am playing Black too and to think that the Black player in this game is the Legend himself, Garry Kasparov.

I am a little disappointed because this game shows that my pawn sac is not a novelty. I also felt that some of Kasparov maneuver are similar to my game. As if I saw the GM's game before play mine. I have put my game on diamond computer analysis to see my CAPS... maybe I played at GM level here.

I have watched GM Simon William's video on Nakamura's KID long time ago. I did not sac a knight though. Like in my earlier forum post, I looked at the strategy behind the open files rather than brute calculation. And so I decided sac a pawn.

Creating open files in order to attack a castle king is cool. I considered the closed center before making the sacrifice. A wing attack is countered by a pawn break in the center. My d6 pawn must be in great consideration as the weight of the game rest in it.

In this game, I gave every thing for the win. My only regret is Nf4 which is the start of White's counter play. Not giving counter play to the opponent is something I must learn and master.