A Silly Blitz Game

A Silly Blitz Game

NM SamCopeland
Feb 2, 2014, 3:59 PM |

"He who analyzes blitz is stupid." - Rashid Nezhmetdinov.

This is a blitz game I analyzed some time ago. I believe it was published in the Texas Knights publication, but I never saw in in print. It's quite a simple game, but when I analyzed it with a computer, I found many interesting moments that really make me cherish it. The game is also a good example of both the defensive and attacking resources present in opposite colored bishop positions.

I have posted the puzzle positions before the game, so you might try to solve them before playing through the game.


Puzzle 1 (HARD)

 Puzzle 2 (Easy)

Puzzle 3 (Easy)
Puzzle 4 (Medium)

The Game