Check Out My New Twitch Channel

Check Out My New Twitch Channel

NM SamCopeland

Hi chess players  I recently opened a Twitch channel at and am streaming puzzles, tournaments, 4-player chess, and whatever else piques my and the viewers' interest.

Here's a highlight from a recent stream with a tense 4-player chess finish with 0.5 seconds on the clock.

Watch 4-Player Chess Comeback from SamCopeland on

And here are a couple of puzzles I liked from my morning puzzle-solving stream. Can you solve these faster than I did?

It's a surreal experience pressing "start streaming" and going live to unknown persons around the globe; in the clutch words of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, "surreal but nice." The best part is being able to banter with the chat while solving puzzles, reviewing games, and more. Chess is such a communal, social game, perfectly suited to banter with the chat.

The easiest way to connect with the stream is to follow me and postt in the chat. Also, you can find me on these sites

What would like to see on stream? Post in the comments!