Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Sax, 1983
Anatoly Karpov demonstrates a rare combination of sacrifice and restraint in this brilliant attacking gem.

Chess Masterpieces: Karpov vs. Sax, 1983

NM SamCopeland

Anatoly Karpov rarely played speculative attacking chess, but in this famous brilliancy against Gyula Sax, he ventured the thrilling 18.Rd5!? The ensuring attack is extremely difficult to meet as a relentless Karpov pins down the black king while demonstrating how prophylaxis and timely exchanges could be potent attacking ideas.

This is Karpov at the height of his powers, mowing down competitors and making it look easy. This game was also recently featured on's article on the "Best Chess Games of All Time." Here's my take on this great game.

I've annotated the game below, while my recording is based on my annotations, it also includes lots of analysis that did not make it into the video. Please forgive my vast theoretical ignorance of the Keres Attack.

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