First Blood: Anand Defeats Magnus Carlsen - Anand Vs. Carlsen, 2007
In a rivalry that was just getting started, Anand won his first two decisive games against Carlsen.

First Blood: Anand Defeats Magnus Carlsen - Anand Vs. Carlsen, 2007

NM SamCopeland

Today, Magnus Carlsen has established the highest recorded chess rating of all time and twice defeated Viswanathan Anand in world championship matches, but in 2007, he was still a prodigy, and Anand won powerfully in their first two decisive games at Morelia/Linares.

Anand's victory with the white pieces is particularly striking as he establishes a pleasant opening advantage, battles for control of the open c-file, eventually gives up that file to open new lines, sacrifices a knight on e6, and finally overwhelms Carlsen's deserted kingside.

Although Anand scored 2/2 against Carlsen in the tournament, Carlsen finished second and made such an impression on Anand that the Indian superstar observed that it was hard to imagine that Carlsen WOULDN'T be world champion some day. Funnily enough it was later that year that Anand became world champion, a title he held for six years before the now dominant Carlsen dethroned him.

I've included expanded notes to the game below.

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