A Little Inspiration #1: Sacrificial Slow Burn

A Little Inspiration #1: Sacrificial Slow Burn

NM SamCopeland
Jul 21, 2014, 1:05 PM |

It can be easy to get into a rut with chess (or any hobby). When you are playing, coaching, or training alot, one can begin to feel burned out, and it can be hard to enjoy chess. My own antidote is to try to find something new that inspires me in chess each week. It might be a sacrifice, a positional idea, a study, etc.

These past two weeks, there have been alot of games that I found inspiring in various tournaments. However, I particularly enjoyed the following two sacrificial attacks by erstwhile and current Super-GMs Sutovsky and Rapport - two of my favorite players. Both of these games feature really nice sacrificial attacking play against top GMs, and in both games, White has such a clamp that he is able to bring in reinforcements to finish the job. Hopefully, you enjoy these games as much as I do.



Game 1 - Rapport vs. Blagojevic

Game 2 - Sutovsky vs. Jobava