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Inspiration #5: 10...Qxb3!

Inspiration #5: 10...Qxb3!

Dec 27, 2014, 1:06 PM 14

It is a rare thing to see a strong GM fall prey to a queen sacrifice. It is far rarer to see a strong GM lose in 10 moves. Both of these sad fates befell GM Qun Ma against Danny Raznikov in the Groningen Open.

This game is a wonderful reminder of how easy it is to go astray in chess. White makes a seemingly natural move in Nb3? - surely it can't be so bad?! - and after Black's Ne5 White suddenly has significant problems. It is difficult to collect oneself after such an opening reversal, and White didn't find a good way to resist.

I think many players including myself might have missed Black's play with Ne5! and Nfg4! I think these moves are more difficult than Black's final queen sacrifice. It is simply so easy and natural to play natural opening moves by rote. White falls into this mental error. Black does not Laughing


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