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Live Problem Solving: The Best Move #43

Live Problem Solving: The Best Move #43

May 8, 2014, 5:27 AM 5

For about a month, I have been trying to solve at least one problem a day from the out of print classic, The Best Move, by Hort and Jansa. In The Best Move, Hort and Jansa present challenging positions from their own games and provide the reader a few prompts about the position. The readers are usually tasked with evaluating the position and identifying appropriate variations justifying their assessment. The problems are generally excellent, and there is a mix of tactical and positional solutions as well as misleading lines. For instance, in many cases a line may appear tempting only to be refuted by a stinger on the second or third move.

Today, I decided to record myself attempting one of the problems (#43) live. I set the position up in an analysis board on chess.com and described my thinking and the lines and positions I was considering while solving the problem. Hopefully, this is fun and instructive for the viewer. It's also interesting and challenging for me to try to corral and verbalize my bumbling thoughts while attempting the problem.



If you are interested in these kinds of problems, I can also recommend John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book, Perfect Your Chess by Volokitin and Grabinsky, and Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation by Aagaard (I have only glanced at this one so far, but it has received alot of acclaim.). All of these books tend to be quite advanced, but for the serious student, they are excellent. I have also posted some similar problems recently so be sure to check those out Laughing

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