Live Problem Solving: The Best Move #62, 63, 64, 65, 66

Due to travels and tournaments, I haven't posted any new problem solving videos from the book "The Best Move" in awhile, but I finally found time to post 5 new ones over this last week. I tried a new video recording format that includes my clumsy problem solving face (#s 64-66). Hopefully, you enjoy these problems and solve them more efficiently than I!

Problem #62


Problem #63


Problem #64


Problem #65


Problem #66



  • 20 months ago

    NM SamCopeland

    @Towerwood, thanks for the feedback! I'll keep working on the format. Hopefully, I will get it right eventually :)

  • 20 months ago


    Initially I thought the new format looked cool. But when actually watching the videos, I found the face a bit distracting in the sense that I tended to watch you speaking while I should be looking at the board to follow your reasoning. I'm very happy with the puzzles, though, really instructive!

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