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My Best Game: A Two Bishop Sacrifice

My Best Game: A Two Bishop Sacrifice

Aug 11, 2013, 12:21 PM 5

Likely, the game of which I am most proud is the following win against IM Daniel Fernandez. This win was part of a 4.5/5 shared first in the Dallas Chess Club Championship. The game has sporting significance to me, but it is most memorable because of the interesting two bishop sacrifice, and the prolonged attack against the Black king.

On a personal level, I remember that I gave Daniel a ride to this tournament, which lead to an awkward and quiet post game ride back to the UT Dallas campus. However, Daniel, was very gracious the next time we played (in Orlando, when Dan was playing for UT Brownsville and I for Dallas) and said that he had later reviewed the game and thought I had played quite a good game. Naturally, Daniel trounced me thoroughly in that later game.

I have included extensive analysis and commentary with help from Critter in the notes. Enjoy Smile

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