Bumblings In Blindfold Chess

Bumblings In Blindfold Chess

NM SamCopeland

Blindfold chess is becoming quite trendy these days. GM Timur Gareyev has been a big promoter of the discipline and is ramping up for a blindfold world record attempt. Currently, FM Marc Lang holds the record at 46 boards (played in 2011) while legendary GM Miguel Najdorf played 45 boards simultaneously way back in 1947!

Chess.com's IM Danny Rensch managed 10 boards simultaneously. D*mn Daniel!

Meanwhile, the most I've managed is a meager four games  Still, I really enjoy the challenge of playing blindfold. I'm not sure whether or not it helps my chess — it might help with visualization and calculation, but it's fun and makes for a great parlor trick.

I play blindfold regularly on Chess.com under the account BlindSam. Here's one of my most recent games where I managed a nice finish — I'll spare you the legion of blunders that preceded this game 

Here's another small finish that reminds of the games Hanssen vs Lundin and Meesen vs Mueller.

I started a "Blindfold Blunders" section on my youtube channel in my last blindfold session. One of the games featured another nice finish, but it was somewhat marred by opponent electing to time out.

Here's the finish from that game.

Hope you enjoyed the games; if so, follow my youtube channel for more videos

If you want to try playing blindfold on Chess.com, just go to chess.com/settings/board and change the style for the pieces to "blindfold." All done!

There are a few quirks of blindfold on Chess.com. Some will complain that you can see the notation. That's true, but you can easily hide it from yourself, and it is sometimes necessary to confirm what the last move was. Second, if you hover your cursor over a square, it will indicate if there is a piece on that square. That is a help. Don't do that.