Part 2 - King Hunts: Mating on the Opposite Rank

Part 2 - King Hunts: Mating on the Opposite Rank

NM SamCopeland
Apr 16, 2015, 11:28 AM |

Last week I shared 7 king hunts in which the opposing king was driven all the way to his opponent's home rank. This week I have another 7 I've come across. These games are somewhat more recent than the first 7 so there may be a touch more sophistication. As several noted, it's hard to have a king hunt between two opponents of equal stregth. Still, as you can see, even the greatest can fall to a king hunt if circumstances so conspire.

Chekhover - Kasparian

This game features a fitting finish to a game between two renowned problem composers.


Yanofsky - Dulanto

Yanofsky's chessgames page says he was strongest in the endgame. Here he demonstrates his attacking skills. 

Formanek - Bradford

This game is a real back and forth battle between two IMs.


Szabo - Euwe

This game is not one of the fifth world champions best wins, but the finish is accurate and attractive.


Janny - Gudju

This game is not a paragon of Evan's Gambit accuracy, but it shows the sort of finish White aspires to in the Evan's.


Norwood - Marsh


Kasparov - Topalov

This game has justly been called the Game of the Century. It is so widely and well analyzed that I shall not attempt to analyze it here. I simply offer the game with the deserved exclamation marks.


JoePac - SamCopeland

Sadly, I have a final 8th game to share. This is from the finals of a Smith Mora thematic tourney here on I am hoping I might equal the score in the second game, but my opponent certainly lit me up in this one.




The King Hunt by Nunn and Cozens

Storming the Barricades by Christiansen